Geometry Cards

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Learn about counting, shapes, numbers, the four mathematical processes, patterns, skip counting, times tables. Build fine motor skills. Keep little hands busy, learning through play. Use the wooden cards and printable materials from the PDF to further your lessons with hands on drawing and recreating the shapes into your school books. 

Each wooden card has a geometric shape on the front with its Arabic and Roman Numerals as well as written number form and name. On the back of the cards is a multiplication circle that your child can use while skip counting and memorizing their times tables. After placing your order, we will email you the PDF for the printouts shown in the photos.

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DIMENSIONS: Each wooden card is 5 inches square x 1/2 inch thick.

INCLUDES: 10 wooden geometry cards, 60 wooden pegs, 3 spools of yarn, and rubber bands. Optional storage box.

MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Finished with lacquer.