About Us

Hi! I'm Jennifer. My husband, Joe, and I live in the Missouri countryside with our five children. We have a beautiful view of the horizon of trees with the Niangua River nestled below them and hayfields surrounding our home. Our business began in 2014 when I had the urge to make a few wooden animals for my children. I watched some how-to youtube videos and bought a used scroll saw from craigslist. Using a scrap piece of wood, I sketched an outline, cut it out, sanded it, and beamed with excitement! It wasn't necessarily smooth, perfect, or impressive. But it was something I had made and was so proud of. Fast forward eight years and here we are! We have an amazing community of homeschoolers and schools that support our shop, family, and friends. 

We make everything from solid hardwood--no plywood, mdf, particle board, or other materials. We don't use any stains on the wood, so the colors you see are the natural beauty of the trees themselves shining through. We protect the wood with a durable lacquer finish, which will retain its color and beauty.

We're so glad you've visited our shop and are so appreciative and amazed at the support and love. You can find us on Instagram at the profile @treasuresfromjennifer and tag us to any photo using hashtag #treasuresfromjennifer or #fromjennifer. The business name is actually From Jennifer, but all our social media has the Treasures in front :). So we go by both!

Welcome to the shop and enjoy browsing!