PDF: Vowel Practice Worksheets

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Learning to spell, read, and write is so exciting! Let's make it fun too! Each of the pages in this PDF focus on one vowel that you'll use to create words. We are building 3-letter CVC words, so it is great for beginning readers. You can do this set of worksheets all on their own or in combination with many of our treasures we offer here on our website. Inside the PDF you'll have suggestions of which products to use. Here is a list of the ones compatible with it:

Hundred Frame and Alphabet Coins

Spelling Tray and Alphabet Coins

Alphabet Tracing Board and Alphabet Tracing Cards

Alphabet Letters Set and Alphabet Puzzle

Square Tiles Trays and Alphabet Tiles

And any of our single-sided Water Painting Boards.

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INCLUDES: Downloadable PDF with 16 pages. Some pages are intended to be cut apart into cards you can display or use individually while working on spelling.

Pages 1-2: Ideas on how to use the worksheets with From Jennifer materials.

Pages 3-8: Vowel Practice - Write the vowel between the consonants to create a word.

Page 9: Vowel Cards you can print and cut to display while working on each page.

Page 10: Write a Story - Fill in the blanks to complete the story.

Pages 11-15: Word & Picture Cards you can print and cut out to use for spelling on any of our From Jennifer materials.

Page 16: A Note to You