Square Tiles - Sight Words 1st 100

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Each set consists of the 1st 100 words from the Fry Sight Words List, a compilation formed to facilitate learning to read by exposing children to the most widely used English words.

• Have your child choose a word at random, read it, then place on the board. 
• You choose a word, read it to your child, they spell it, then place on the board.
• Use the words to create sentences.
• Sort in alphabetical order.
• Use in combination with our Alphabet Tiles to practice spelling.

These tiles will fit into the following products:

Ten Frame with Square Pockets
Twenty Frame with Square Pockets
Hundred Frame with Square Pockets 
Multiple Rows Tray
Single Row Tray
Keyboard Vision Board

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DIMENSIONS: 1 inch square x 1/8 inch thick

INCLUDES: 100 square tiles. (Board NOT included).

MATERIALS: Maple wood printed with ink.

----- HUNDRED FRAME NOT INCLUDED. Only used for demonstration. -----