Periodic Table of Elements

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Style: Cursive Font Tiles

Classy and elegant, this Periodic Table is a puzzle base for all of the elements tiles to fit perfectly into place. Use on its own or alongside any chemistry book or curriculum to further your hands on learning and understandings of how the table is arranged and what all the little details represent. Comes with a printable PDF download that gives you an overview of those details. 

Choose from cursive or print font for your abbreviations on the tiles.

I suggest using our Large Display Stand for propping your Periodic Table. The pieces are not secured in place, but they are pocketed deeply enough to stay in carefully while at an angle. 

I also suggest this book for learning about each individual element: "The Elements Book"

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DIMENSIONS: 20.5 inches wide x 10 3/4 inches tall. Tiles are 1 inch square.

INCLUDES: Base and 120 Tiles and PDF download.

MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Finished with lacquer. Tiles are printed with ink.