Useful for all ages, you can use our Multiplication Circle Tray for counting, adding and subtracting, multiplication and division as well as spelling and mandala designs. It allows your child freedom to practice their skip counting and work on any times table numbers they desire. To see it in action: Click Here!

FOR USE IN MULTIPLYING: The center number is the one you're multiplying by. The middle ring will be for numbers 1-10. The outer ring is for the multiples of the center number by the middle ring number. Working from the center outward is multiplication. Working from the outer ring inward is division.

DOES NOT INCLUDE COINS. These are available separately. The tray work with flat or pegged styles. For practicing multiplication, you'll need to get:

You will use 2 Sets of 1-10 Coins — one set for the center hole and one set for the middle ring.

You'll use 1 Set of Multiplication Coins 10x10 Set for the outer ring.

Add in some Alphabet Coins for spelling fun! Place a consonant in the center, vowels in the middle ring, and more consonants on the outside. Then read!

Another fun activity is creating mandala designs with it using loose parts such as dry foods, stones, marbles, flowers, etc.

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DIMENSIONS: 9 inches square x 3/4 inch thick.

INCLUDES: Tray only. Order coins separately.

MATERIALS: Maple or Walnut Wood. Finished with lacquer.