Money Wheel Puzzle

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How many ways can you total $1.00?

* 1 dollar bill
* 2 half dollar coins
* 4 quarters
* 10 dimes
* 20 nickels
* 100 pennies

This Money Wheel Puzzle shows children that each ring totals $1.00 and how many coins it takes to do so. It's a wonderful way to visually understand the value of coins.

If you desire to display it upright, it works well in our Large Display Stand.

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DIMENSIONS: 14 inches square base. Pennies piece is 1x2 inches.

INCLUDES: Base and 57 Pieces.

MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Finished with lacquer.

***** NOTE: Quarters Pieces will be correct and accurate on the puzzle you receive. Photos will be updated soon, but the mislabeling of the quarters has been corrected. Each will have 25¢ on it. *****