Alphabet Eights Tracing Board

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This tracing board features the figure eight movement with a stem in the middle. It is a wonderful tool for practicing Alphabet Eights (aka Lazy Eights or Writing Eights) which help a child form letters.

A sample way of using the board is to trace the figure eight pattern from middle, up to the left, around and up to the right, and back to the middle. Cycle through three times and then flow right into a letter. For the letter "a" you'll write it just as normal, by flowing up the left side, around, up the stem, and down to complete. Some letters will have to jump out of the groove to complete, such as lowercase "e".

This practice is an exercise that was originally thought of for drawing in open air or on paper. Translating it to wood was a little tricky, so we did our best to interpret the movement. Many therapists use this method for helping a child engage all parts of the brain and generate a better understanding of how letters relate to each other.

The middle stem area has a slope so that you can flow up and out for the taller letters such as "f" or down and around for letters such as "g." Your board will come with a tracing stick as well as a few wooden balls to play with by pushing them around or holding the board in your hands and tilting it to make them roll in the grooves. 

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DIMENSIONS: 14 x 7 inches. Balls are 1/2-inch.

INCLUDES: Board, thick tracing stick, and a few wood balls.

MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Sealed with a durable lacquer finish.