Geoboards offer your child the experience of building fine motor skills while exploring how shapes form pictures. For the younger crowd, they'll simply play by stretching rubber bands across the board and making their own abstract pictures. Older children can work on forming shapes, letters, and numbers and then using those shapes together to make identifiable pictures such as houses, boats, rocketships, bull dozers, trucks, and more.

This Geoboard is the perfect addition to any schooling experience. This is a wonderful tool to keep little hands busy and focused. Our geoboard features seven pegs across and seven down allowing for many different configurations.

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SOLD SEPARATELY We have an "Alphabet Designs" PDF for creating pictures on the geoboard available here: "Alphabet Designs"

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DIMENSIONS: 8 inches square.

INCLUDES: Board and Rubberbands.

MATERIALS: Maple or Walnut. Finished with lacquer.