Fraction Wedges - Conversion Tray

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Style: Decimal

Use these trays to help convert your Fraction Wedges (sold separately) into decimals, percent, degrees, and a clock. For example, with 3/8s in the decimal conversion tray, you'll see that it is equal to 0.375. In the percent conversion tray, 1/4 is equal to 25%. For degrees, you'll see additional information on the outer rim of the tray regarding angles.

For any of the trays, you can use your wedges with the fractions on top or flip them over to the blank side upwards if you want more focus on the converted numbers and less on the fractions themselves.

CHOOSE FROM: Decimal, Percent, Degrees, and Clock.

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DIMENSIONS: 6.5 inches diameter.

INCLUDES: Conversion Tray. (Fraction Wedges NOT included).

MATERIALS: Maple wood printed with ink. Sealed with a durable lacquer finish.