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*THIS LISTING IS A DISCOUNT PRODUCT* This reversible board has South America on one side and Africa on the other. It is discounted due to the lines on South America are a bit more detailed than on the Africa side. Still traces perfectly fine and is brand new. We just decided to redo the design to make the lines for South America a bit less detailed for newer boards.

 Crafted from maple wood. Measures 22x15-inches. Includes a tracing stick.

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Your geography lessons just became a bit more interactive and exciting--a tracing board for both USA and the Seven Continents. Choose between the two or combine them onto one reversible board. The USA board will help your child not only see but feel the placement of each state, learning its abbreviation and size. The Continents side shows your child the seven continents and oceans, all labeled with engraved titles. By tracing the lines, it focuses your attention on the part of the world you're studying, engaging more senses to help truly understand the world around you. We include a tracing stick with every board that works just like a pencil, fitting into the grooves of the board.