225 Frame - Square Pockets

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Size: Board Only (no tiles or balls)

This counting frame fits 225 square tiles and balls for practicing all kinds of fun math and spelling skills. Its main reason for coming into existence is to practice times tables up to 15x15.  On the board you'll see it is divided with lines. This is to help orientate yourself by grouping the pockets into nine sections, 25 holes in each.

The number tiles are colored by row and the wool balls match the colors. The tiles create a times table of 1-15 across the top and 1-15 down the left side. You can skip count by the number at the beginning of each row. If you want to find the answer to a multiplication equation, then you pick one number from the left side and one from the top row, then follow them straight over/down until they meet, revealing the answer.

NOTE: If you plan on using your numbers on the Multiplication Circle Tray, it only works with the round small coins. The round coins will work on the square tiles 225 frame, but you'll need to add them to the cart separately if you want the square pockets board but the round coins for multiplication (so you can use them on the Multiplication Circle Tray as well).

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DIMENSIONS: 18 inches square x 3/4 inch thick.

INCLUDES: Your Choice Board Only, Board with Tiles or Balls, Board with Tiles and Balls. 

MATERIALS: Maple wood. Finished with lacquer.