100 Days of School Chart

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Theme: 100 Days of School

The "100 Days of School" Chart is for keeping track of how many days you've been in school and looking forward to celebrating that 100th day! Place a new number on each day or have them all loaded on the base blank-side out, then flip a coin each day to reveal the next number (this option reduces the need to store the extra coins).

However, you aren't just limited to using this for tracking school days. This chart can really be used however you'd like. You can choose from the following options:

"Multiplication Table" -- Practicing times tables? How about a wonderful, large multiplication chart for your wall. Have the child fill it themselves or find the missing number or use it as a visual reference during math studies. The coins for this chart will have a colored background (first row is red, second row is orange, third row is yellow, and so on for a full rainbow--matching the look of our Multiplication Coins).

"Hundred Chart" -- Learning to count from 1 to 100? This is a great visual on the wall, seeing groups of ten on each row and vertically how the one's places all line up. Uses the same number coins as the 100 Days of School Chart. So we can change the title card to "Hundred Chart" or similar wording if you'd like.

"Your Choice" -- Maybe title it "Spelling Words" and have 100 letter coins to display words your children are learning. Or maybe tailor it to a specific goal you're working towards. "Your Choice" allows you to tell us what you want on the Title Card and 100 Coins.

"Base Only" -- Maybe you only want the wood base and will make your own pieces to display on it. This is the choice for you then! You can then either use our Blank Coins or display any of our Picture Coins on it. 

OR... MAKE YOUR OWN PIECES >>> For a lower cost option, choose "Base Only" and then DIY your own paper circles to display. Use a 2-inch Circle Paper Punch and Hole Punch to create your circles. Paint/draw/color them however you'd like.

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Crafted from solid maple hardwood. Measures 23.5 inches wide by 26 inches tall. Sealed with a durable lacquer finish. Wood coins are 2 inches diameter.