Continents Puzzle

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Style: Maple Pieces in Walnut Base

A simple yet elegant Continents Puzzle for toddlers to explore and older children to study. Learn the seven continents of the world along with major oceans. Develop an understanding of world geography. Use the pieces as play dough stamps, imaginary toys, and blocks for building with and stacking. Use the base as a tray to fill with loose parts or objects. Roll play dough snakes and lay on the puzzle to show travel routes, migratory paths, rivers, and mountains.

Choose from Light Maple or Dark Walnut Base. 

Choose from Maple Pieces (words on wood) or Montessori Pieces (words on color). Montessori pieces are printed to color match the continents for Montessori learning.

See it in action: Click Here

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INCLUDES: Base and seven pieces.

DIMENSIONS: Base is 14.5x9.5 inches. Australia is 1.25 x 1.5 inches.

MATERIALS: Maple and walnut wood. Durable lacquer finish. Colored pieces are printed with ink.