Wood Number and Math Symbol Blocks

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Style: Numbers Only

Lovely wooden numbers and math symbols for a great hands on approach to learning. For the youngest children, each block is an abstract shape, used for building before even knowing they represent quantities. Then as your child progresses into counting, enjoy matching objects to the numbers, feeling the shape, pressing it into play dough, arranging them in order, identifying odd and even numbers... Your child then continues on his/her learning adventure by meeting the symbols that combine numbers and the magic that happens when a plus, minus, multiply, or divide symbol come into play. What fun solving for the answers while mixing up the problems!

The photos show various ways of using these blocks if you were to order both one set of numbers and one set of symbols. For even more opportunities of learning and play, you can add more number sets to your collection.

Made to order and ships in two to three weeks.
Each number is 2 1/2 inches tall. The smallest math symbol is minus, which measures 3/8 by 1 1/2 inches. Due to this size, we caution the math symbols as a choking hazard and safest played with by children 3 years and older.