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It's time for school! Bring out your own personal workspace, this simple yet elegant hardwood maple Craft Board. Whether you're wanting to protect fine furniture or would like to work on uneven surfaces like carpet or sit on the couch with a lap desk, we're finding all kinds of wonderful uses for this board. It is sealed to protect against water, so cleaning up after painting or play dough is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth. By adding the groove along the outer edge, it creates a handy pencil holder area and also collects any rolling pieces that might fall off the board. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your board:

::: Play Dough, Modeling Wax, Clay, and More - Contain the play into one area and clean up is that much easier.

::: Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting - While most other painting boards are made from plywood, we have this beautiful solid hardwood one and sealed it so that water is repelled from the surface. Your board is ready for all kinds of beautiful paintings.

::: Sewing and needle felting - Keep scissors, pins, and needles on a safe surface so you won't worry about scratching your table or poking your lap.

::: Drawing - Pencils, chalk, pastels, crayons, and more.

::: Journaling - Sit up in bed and pull out your board, you have a wonderful lap desk for writing your thoughts and dreams.

::: Games - Playing cards on the couch together? Use this board. Doing a puzzle? Here's a great place to put it together on.

::: Toddler Activities - I've been wanting to get trays for my three year old where I can set up activities, but instead, now I'll be putting his "work" on his Craft Board. There are so many great ideas on pinterest for Montessori work or other "invitations." This board is going to give him a sense of order and indicate this activity is special and different than ordinary free play.

This truly is your child's (and your) own personal space where you can bring ideas to life through learning, play, crafting, and writing. I wanted these for our family and plan on using them daily in schooling. Using it as a lap desk allows you to move away from the table and take school and artwork anywhere that you'd like--the couch, floor, or even outside.

Measures 14x17 inches. Weighs 2 pounds 14 ounces. Crafted from maple hardwood. Sealed with a durable lacquer finish. This Craft Board does not come with any of the art supplies used for staging the photos.