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Style: Board Only

This 225 Frame is a great board for practicing all kinds of fun math and spelling skills when paired with our various Small Coins Sets. For anyone working on times tables up to 15x15, it is a great learning tool.  On the board you'll see it is divided with lines. This is to help orientate yourself by grouping the holes into nine sections, 25 holes in each.

Use with our Small Coins - Multiplication Table 15x15 Set for practicing your times tables up to 225. They are shown in one photo to demonstrate what it looks like together. Multiplication Coins are NOT included. Available separately in the shop and can be added to the cart with your board.

You can order just the board by itself or with a pack of colorful wool balls. The balls are a great element for sorting and creating patterns. You can also demonstrate equations using them on the board. 

  • For addition, group the balls into quantities that you're adding. Such as, 8 red balls and 5 blue balls. Then when the child counts all together, they find the answer is 13.
  • For subtraction, start with a mixed group of colored balls. Then have the child remove all of one color while counting them. The remaining balls on the board are the difference. For example, 15 red balls, 25 blue balls, and 18 green balls are on the board--a total of 58 balls. Ask the child to subtract (remove) the 18 green balls. How many are left on the board? The answer is 40.
  • For multiplication, create equal groups of wool balls to represent your equation. For example, 5 groups of 6 balls equals 30. Each group can be a different color so the child sees each group on its own and can count them.
  • For division, same as multiplication. Show it as groups of numbers to help the child understand the quantities involved and how they're divided equally (or even if there might be a remainder).
  • And there are even more activities you'll come up with while playing with your 225 Frame.

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DIMENSIONS: 17.5 inches square x 3/4 inch thick.

INCLUDES: Board Only or Board & Wool Balls.

MATERIALS: Maple wood. Finished with lacquer.