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Style: Maple

Any item titled "TO BE DISCONTINUED" has a limited quantity remaining and once it sells out, will no longer be available. We have enjoyed making and offering them in our shop, but are reorganizing our stock space and focusing our product catalog on the more popular items.

Ten Frames are used to help children learn counting as well as addition and subtraction practice with numbers 1-10. 

Add a set of our Number Coins and Alphabet Coins for even more fun with your board. Enjoy the following activities:

  • Count the balls. Add and subtract them on the frame.
  • Use as a Number Line to add and subtract.
  • Create patterns with objects for the child to copy or finish.
  • Place number coins in order on the frame.
  • Use objects to demonstrate equations.
  • Sort odd and even numbers.
  • Sort vowels and consonants.
  • Spell words.
  • Match uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • And anything else you are inspired to do!

"Holes Only" works only with our Pegged Coins Sets.

If you're wanting the "Coin Pockets" version, it works with both the Pegged and Flat Coins Sets and is available here: Ten Frame - Coin Pockets

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DIMENSIONS: 3 x 6 inches. Balls are 1/2-inch. Single Row format is approximately 2 x 12 inches.

INCLUDES: Ten Frame and 20 Wood Balls.

MATERIALS: Maple or Walnut Wood. Finished with lacquer.