Small Coins - Numbers Set

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Style: Flat

Set: 1-10

Use these Number Coins on their own or with our Ten Frames, Twenty Frames, and Hundred Frames. They offer learning and play as your child places each number into the pockets of the boards. BOARDS SOLD SEPARATELY.

Here are some learning activities you can do with them:

• Place the numbers in order from least to greatest.
• Place the numbers in order from greatest to least.
• Pick a number coin and then fill up your frame with that quantity of objects for 1-to-1 correspondence.
• Place only even or odd numbers on the board.
• Place only multiples on the board--focusing on your times tables (for example, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc).
• Play an addition game with a dice. Start by placing the number 1 on your Frame. Roll the dice, add the number to 1, and then place that number coin on the board. Roll again, add the number on the dice to the last number coin, and place the sum number coin on the board. Continue until you reach the end of the frame.
• Play the same game but with subtraction and by starting with the greatest number.

Which style do I choose--Flat or Pegged? Flat coins are a good choice for those wanting a slightly lower cost set and lay flat against the surface they're placed on. Pegged coins give you a tactile experience so that as you pick up the pieces, they are easier to grab and your fingers know the top/bottom of the coin from the feel. Both styles are easy to work with and stay in place when put into the pockets of our Frames. 

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INCLUDES: 100 coins in a kraft storage box.
DIMENSIONS: 1-inch diameter.
MATERIALS: Printed maple wood.

----- BOARD NOT INCLUDED. Only used for demonstration. -----