TO BE DISCONTINUED: Wooden Toy Crossbow

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Any item titled "TO BE DISCONTINUED" has a limited quantity remaining and once it sells out, will no longer be available. We have enjoyed making and offering them in our shop, but are reorganizing our stock space and focusing our product catalog on the more popular items.

Just try it, you'll see it's addictively fun! This crossbow fits our 12-inch arrows with the soft wool tips and shoots easily for even our little 2-year-old nephew to enjoy! Shoots up to 20 feet with the pull of a trigger. 

Add more arrows here: Small Arrow

And a quiver for carrying the arrows here: Small Felt Quiver

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DIMENSIONS: 15 inches long x 12.25 inches wide. Arrows are 12 inches.

INCLUDES: Crossbow and three arrows. Colors will vary, but you can request specific colors in the "add a note" area of the shopping cart.

MATERIALS: Poplar Wood. Finished with lacquer.