Keyboard Vision Board

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Style: Keyboard Only

As an introduction to the Keyboard, this Vision Board is an activity where children can place the letter tiles into the correct places on the keyboard for storage and then use them for spelling. 

Choose from:

* Keyboard Only
* Keyboard & 26 Letters
* Keyboard & 100 Letters (for more spelling possibilities)

Fits our Alphabet Tiles and pairs well with our Single Row Tray for spelling.

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DIMENSIONS: 12 x 5 inches. Tiles are 1 inch square.

INCLUDES: Tray and optional Alphabet Tiles.

MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Printed. Finished with lacquer.

Bob Korngold, known as the Montessori "Vision Guide," and his daughter, K.T. Korngold, shared this concept with us, calling it a Vision Board. They wanted a wooden keyboard as a Montessori material that would help children learn the position of the keys of the keyboard, but would not require technology itself. They asked us to bring their idea to life and make it available for others to use as well.