DISCOUNT Stockmar Crayon Holder - 16 Sticks/16 Blocks

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*THIS IS A DISCOUNT PRODUCT* May contain a crack, dent, chip, or knot. The pockets might have crayon residue. The edges might be trimmed closer than usual to the pockets. Might be old stock from 2021 with flaxseed oil polish or newer style with lacquer finish.

Made from dark brown walnut wood.

HOLDS: 16 Stick and 16 Block Crayons

Does not include crayons. Order your crayons here: Stockmar Crayons


This wooden holder keeps your crayons all neat and tidy and clean. It houses your beeswax block and stick crayons, each in their own hole. The holes are sized to fit both Stockmar and Filana crayons.