DISCOUNT School Calendar - Walnut Short Height

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*THIS IS A DISCOUNT PRODUCT* There isn't actually anything wrong with this calendar. The discount is only because it is an older style with the words Season, Year, and Month engraved onto the base. We no longer do that. This is the same as our Walnut School Calendar, except that it does not have Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow on the bottom. 

The Calendar comes with all the pieces. Can be screwed to the wall or displayed on our Large Calendar Stand. Finished with lacquer.

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* Base measuring 22x28 inches (hangs from two screws through the holes under the season and month pieces).
* 12 Month Cards
* 31 Number Coins 
* 4 Season Coins
* 12 Reversible Year Number Tiles
* 1 Removable Weekdays Magnetic Strip

All text and images are printed directly onto the wood. The pictures on the season coins are prints from my own original watercolor paintings.