DISCOUNT Dilation Board - Straight Walnut

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*THIS IS A DISCOUNT PRODUCT* Might have natural or production flaw that has been repaired and ready for use. Has holes in the top corners for hanging it from a string.

One has a small semicircular cutout at the top. The other has a small flaked off area at the bottom of the 5cm hole. You can request which one you want in a note in the shopping cart. If no request is made, we will choose for you.


This board functions both as a learning tool and piece of artwork, portraying the cervical dilation process women go through during birth, beginning with one centimeter dilated up to a full ten centimeters. For those practicing how to decipher between the different sizes, this board will be a wonderful help. This piece is crafted from walnut hardwood with engraved numbers beside each hole indicating which centimeter measurement the hole is. It can be hung on the wall for display simply from the top hole resting on a hook or hung from the string at the top. 

Crafted from walnut wood. Board is 1/2-inch thick and about 28 inches tall. Lacquer finish.