Small Coins - Alphabet Set

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Style: Flat

Letters: Black

These coins fit our Ten, Twenty, and Hundred Frames. Each set includes one full uppercase and one full lowercase alphabet along with a mix of commonly used lowercase letters. Some ideas for play:

• Place them in alphabetical order forwards and backwards (for an extra challenge).
• Sort vowels and consonants.
• Match uppercase to lowercase letters.
• Practice spelling and correcting right on the board.
• Create word family lists.
• Create a word search. Play scrabble. Play Wheel of Fortune.

Choose "Pegged" for using in any of our ten, twenty, or hundred frames.
Choose "Flat" for using in our Frames with Coin Pockets.

Three color options:

  • Black Letters
  • Montessori - Red Consonants & Blue Vowels (aeiou)
  • Montessori - Blue Consonants & Red Vowels (aeiou)

- - - - - - - -
INCLUDES: 100 coins in a kraft storage box.
DIMENSIONS: 1-inch diameter.
MATERIALS: Printed maple wood.

    ----- BOARD AND ALPHABET OBJECTS COINS NOT INCLUDED. Only used for demonstration. -----