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For all ages, an abacus is a fun way to explore numbers and math. Toddlers will enjoy the clicking of the beads back and forth. Young children will practice counting, creating patterns, and simple addition and subtraction. Older children can use it for learning place value, multiplication, and division.

The beads are colored so as to help with subitizing, which means rather than counting each bead one by one, instead you quickly see them as groups. If you want six beads, you immediately go to grouping five of one color and one of the other color. Your eyes will visually process the information faster. This works per row horizontally as well as vertically up the abacus since the colors swap halfway.

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DIMENSIONS: 12 inches wide x 13.75 inches high by 3.25 inches deep.


MATERIALS: Maple Wood. Beads are stained with non-toxic wood toy dye. Finished with lacquer.